How To Blur An Image In PowerPoint- Entirely Or Partially

How To Blur An Image In PowerPoint

PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best and the most creative tool for professional presentations. Likewise, it provides the full range of customization, including picture blurring, cropping, etc., while adding the images to the slides. 

But how to blur an image in PowerPoint? You can use the “Format” or “Picture Format” tab to blur the photos. Also, you need to use the artistic effect after that. However, to partially blur your image, you should use another method.

PowerPoint has more than what you can think of. Today, I will discuss how to blur an image entirely or partially using it. So, read closely to know the step-by-step process.

How Can I Blur An Entire Image?

Sometimes, due to sensitive content, smoothing effect, or for privacy, we need to blur the entire image. Let us look at the method of doing it.

Step 1- Opening The Software

Go to the PowerPoint software on your PC. You can just search for it using the search tab.

Write the name PowerPoint, and it will show you the application. You just need to click on that. Or, a shortcut may be on your PC. You can just click on that icon to enter the PowerPoint.

Step 2- Inserting The Image

After opening the app, go to the “Insert” tab in the picture below.

Now click on the picture tab:

Step 3- Choosing The Image  

After clicking on the picture tab, you will see two options. One is for importing images from your device, and another is for importing from the web.

Click on the option for “importing from your device” and choose your desired image.

Step 4- Prepare The Image For Formatting

Importing the picture will open the “Picture Tool” and “Format” or “Picture Format” options.

However, if your software does not open the option automatically, you can find the “Format” option at the top of the software. Tap on that.

Step 5- Finding The Right Option For Blurring

If you click on the “Format tab, you will see the “Artistic Effects” tab. In the Artistic Effect, we will find the option for “blurring.” So, click on that.

Step 6- Blurring The Entire Image

In the “Artistic Effects” tab, you will find the option for blurring the full photo.

How Can I Change The Degree Of Blurriness?

You can easily change the degree of blurriness in the picture tab. I have shared the procedure below in a few steps.

  • Step 1- Select the picture first.
  • Step 2- Then, go to the “Artistic Effects” again.
  • Step 3- Now, select the “Artistic Effects” Options tab.
  • Step 4- Click on that, and you will see a new window. There, adjusting the radius from 0 to 100 will change the degree of blurriness.

And you are done!

How Can I Blur Only A Part Of An Image In Microsoft PowerPoint?

Sometimes, we need to blur only a part of an image, like a logo or watermark, etc. While you can do this with some other software or applications, it will take more time. You may also face some complexity.

Hence, I have shared the method for doing this in PowerPoint. Let’s take a look at this method.

Step 1- Opening The Software

First, open the PowerPoint software on your device. Search for it using the search tab of your PC or use a pre-existing shortcut tab.

Step 2- Inserting The Image

Now, click on the “Insert” tab.

Afterward, insert the desired picture using the “Import From This Device tab.”

Step 4- Finding The Option Shapes”

After that, click on “Insert” again, and you will see another option called “Shapes.” This option will potentially help you determine the blurring area.

Step 4-  Choosing The Shape 

If you click on that tab, you will see a bunch of options. Choose the right and preferable shape for your image.

Now, draw that shape on your picture for the desired portion that you want to blur.

Step 5- Customizable Shapes

You can also draw a customized shape. For that, go to the shape again. Then, select the any customizable form from the “line” option. And draw that on the place that you want to blur.

Step 6- Finding The “Filling” Option

You need to tap on the “Drawing Tools tab,” then the “Shape Format” tab, and the “Shape Fill” option.

Step 7 – The Option For Partial Blurring

There, you will see the “Eyedropper” option. This is the option that will blur out the selected area. Click on that.

Step 8- Choosing The Color For Blurring

Using the “Eyedropper,” select a suitable color from the background of the image. It will make your blending smooth.

Step 9- Choosing The Best Blurring Effect

Now, under the “Shape Format,” press the “Shape Effect” option. There, you will see many options. All are for giving the shape different effects.

However, we need to choose the effect for blurring only. You can try out the options to see their effect, though.

Step 11- Applying The Blurring Effect

Now click on “Soft Edges” and choose one variation. You can try out all the variations to find the right one. After applying it, you are done.

Here is a YouTube video to help you visualize the procedures:

Final Word

Hopefully, by now, you know all about how to blur an image in PowerPoint. However, knowing it will save a lot of your time while making a presentation.

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