How To Make A Dotted Line In PowerPoint – (Step-By-Step)

How to make a dotted line in powerpoint

Using PowerPoint to present your work makes it appealing and presentable, especially with diagrams that require illustrations using dotted lines. Dotted lines help define sections, highlight important data and also direct and guide the viewers in a specific direction.

To make a dotted line in PowerPoint, draw a line using the insert menu on the main bar and then convert it to a dotted line. You can adjust the weight of the dotted line and its design to suit your preference.

In this tutorial, we shall learn how to make a dotted line in PowerPoint step-by-step. In addition, we shall include screenshots for every step to help in the process and share tips and tricks to consider when making dotted lines.

How To Make A Dotted Line In PowerPoint? – Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Open The PowerPoint Software

Open the Microsoft PowerPoint software application on your desktop, navigation or taskbar.

Step 2: Open A New Document

Click on a new document from the home page to start from a clean slide, as indicated below. If you have an already saved document, select it by clicking it open.

Step 3: Click On The Insert Section

Create a line on the slide you want to make a dotted line. To create the line, click on the “Insert” section and then proceed to the illustration section.

Step 4: Open The Shape Icon

Click on the “Shape Icon” under the illustrations section as indicated below.

Step 5: Select Lines

Open the “Shapes Icon” and select the line on the shapes and symbols section.

The cursor will change into a cross upon clicking on the line symbol.

Step 6: Draw A Line On The Slide

Draw a line on the slide you want to make a dotted line. Click on the screen while holding the “Ctrl Key” or pressing the left key. Move the cursor from the starting point to the end while holding the control mouse key or pressing the left mouse key.

You should have a straight line, as indicated below.

Step 7: Convert The Line To A Dotted Line

To change the line into a dotted line, click on the line, and the menu bar will change. Click on “Shape Styles” to unveil the shape outline and effects as shown below.

Step 8: Select the dashes

To select the dashes, click on the “Shape Outline” and then “Dashes.” Select the type of dashes you prefer, and the line will be dotted.

Step 9: Set The Line’s Thickness

Click on the “Shape Outline” and select “Weight”. From the list, choose the thickness/weight you prefer, and the dotted line will be adjusted accordingly.

After adjusting the weight and dashes, the solid line will now be dotted according to your preferences. The dotted line should appear as shown below.

Watch the video below for tutorials on how to make a dotted line in PowerPoint.

Different Ways To Make Use Of Dotted Lines In PowerPoint

Once you insert the dotted line, here are the different ways you can apply it to make your presentation neat and smartly arranged. We have attached screenshots of dotted lines in use.

  • Filtration process: Dotted lines have spaces in between, and in the scientific field, they are used to indicate filters. The spaces in between indicate that objects, liquids, and matter can pass through.
  • Dotted Reporting: This is most common in illustration tables where solid lines have been used down the hierarchy. A dotted line is used distinctively to express more emphasis on some direction.
  • Missing item or concept: A dotted line, circle or curve shows there is a piece of missing information, while those with complete full use a full solid line.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a better understanding of how to make a dotted line in PowerPoint, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q: Can I Copy A Dotted Line From a Microsoft Word Document To A PowerPoint Document?

Yes. You can copy a dotted line from the Word document into a PowerPoint document. Open the Word document highlight the dotted line and then right-click on it and select the copy option. You can also use the “Ctrl + C” shortcut to copy the dotted line.

Then open the slide you want to paste the dotted line in and press “Ctrl + V” or right-click and select paste.

Q: Is It Possible To Make Dotted Curves And Circles In PowerPoint?

Yes. You can make a dotted curve and any other design for different shapes. Select the type of line you intend to dot on the shapes icon. The shape icon has all the shapes and symbols you would like to dot.

Use the cursor to maneuver through the curves and corners when dotting curved lines.

Q: Can I Make A Dotted Line On An Image When Making Points And Illustration In PowerPoint?

You can make dotted lines on top of an image or object following the same procedure discussed above. When drawing the solid line, place the cursor (“+”) at the point you want to start the illustration.

When making a dotted line on top of an image, use two different colors for visibility.


Dotted lines help guide viewers into specific areas of your presentation, such as labeling a diagram and images. Making the dotted lines is an easy process with the correct procedure. You can adjust the dotted line to your liking to suit your various preferences.

Avoid using very thin lines for visibility purposes – use the standard 3pt weight depending on the intended use. When making dotted lines, use a different color from the background color and theme to avoid hiding the lines.

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